5 Skin Treatment Secrets to Make You Feel Younger

Though no one has yet discovered the fountain of youth, there are several simple actions you can take in order to help your skin to look and feel younger.  Skin that looks and feels younger has better elasticity and looks brighter.  Here are some quick and easy tips that will help you to keep your skin looking and feeling as young as possible and for as long as possible.

Wear Sunscreen

It may seem like old news and even cliché to hear such skin care advice, but it works.  Celebrities and models have long used the skin care secret of wearing sunscreen, even indoors, to help keep their skin looking great.  They religiously wear sunscreen year round, in every climate, and every season.  To get the most benefit, wear an organic UVB sunscreen that is broad spectrum and an SPF 15 or greater.  Most importantly, apply it often.  Avoiding sun damage to skin, especially skin on the face, helps the skin to maintain its natural and young elasticity.

Use Products Containing Retinoids

Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A.  They help increase the speed at which cells turnover.  Retinoids are used to help fight acne, but also are known to increase collagen production, decrease fine lines, making the skin look more plump and full, and improve the elasticity of the skin.  You can even get some Retinoid products over-the-counter.


Whether you get facial services at your local spa or perform an exfoliation at home, your skin will see many benefits.  Exfoliating is the process in which your skin is cleansed, but more importantly dead skin cells are removed.  This process allows new skin cells to come to the surface and make the skin look brighter.  After an exfoliation, your skin is no longer weighed down by dead skin cells.  This process can help maintain the elasticity of the skin overtime.

Watch Your Weight

This may be the hardest of all of the steps.  However, when pounds are put on, your body gains weight everywhere, including the face.  This extra weight stretches out the skin and causes it to lose its elasticity, especially if you are a yo-yo dieter or even lose the weight and keep it off.  To help maintain a healthy elasticity in your skin, maintain a healthy weight.


The technique you use to apply product to your face; from cleansers to lotions and make-up, can affect the elasticity of your skin.  By using upward stroking motions when applying any product you can help decrease the downward drag on your skin.  This dragging stretches skin out and causes it to sag, especially overtime.  To maintain proper elasticity, use only upward motions when completing your skin care and make-up routines.

Following these simple and inexpensive tips will help your skin to stay younger looking for a longer period of time.  If you want to help people take better care of their skin and help them to look and feel younger, consider going to an esthetician school.  Estheticians complete skin treatments that help clients look and feel younger and have more attractive skin.  They also teach clients to take better care of their skin by following the aforementioned tips.

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