Actress Kaley Cuoco to Be the Newest Face of Proactiv

Kaley Cuoco understands that having acne is not funny. After finding Proactiv more than ten years ago, Kaley is joining with America’s #1 acne system to show breakouts exactly who has the last laugh.

Kaley is yet another loyal customer- turned- spokesperson. She recently filmed her first television advertising campaign with Proactiv in Los Angeles before going back on set for Season Six of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory.” Kaley’s Proactiv campaign will begin airing in fall 2012.

Kaley’s history with breakouts began as a teenager when she was cast on her first hit show. As a 16-year-old, she felt so self-conscious, she asked the director to only film her from certain angles to hide her breakouts from the camera.

“Acne can destroy your self esteem, so I was desperate to find a product that would help clear my skin. I fell into the trap of believing that if skincare is expensive, it must work. But after months of trying various creams and cleansers, my acne became worse,” said Kaley. “My mom bought me Proactiv as a gift and within days of using the products, my skin began to clear. Ten years later, Proactiv is still my go-to skincare system. I have it in my shower, on set, in my travel bag- it has become a part of my lifestyle. Just like eating right and working out, I have to work to maintain my clear skin. And, I can with the help of Proactiv.”

Kaley’s TV spots will highlight her long-standing favorite Proactiv products including the 3-Step System, Mini Maintenance System Travel Kit, Refining Mask and Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 among others.

Since launching more than 16 years ago, millions have turned to Proactiv, including celebrities like Naya Rivera, Julianne Hough and Justin Bieber, for help in beating their breakouts. More information on Proactiv can be found at

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