Be Ready for a Glam Make-up Session

We live in a society which is obsessed with looking prim and beautiful. Anything out of place is considered uncouth and deemed an outcast.  Young girls idealize being perfectly pretty aka the looks of their favorite Hollywood actress or popular rock star.  Whether you want to have perfect ten lips like Angelina Jolie or fancy a sultry dark beauty, you would do well to learn few make-up tips before starting off.

Just as you have different skin types, a make-up session too is not constant for everyone. You need to add, eliminate or tweak certain steps in a regular make-up regime.  A beauty ritual normally consists of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, eye-makeup, cheek makeup, lip makeup and add-ons.

Get Started- Prepare Your Face!

An initial cleansing of your facial and neck skin with a good cleansing agent, is highly recommended. This is because a face masked with grime all day will look messier with make-up. Cleanser removes all the muck from your face and prepares the ground for make-up. The next step is toning your skin. Toning makes your skin even with respect to its pH level. Normal skin has a pH of 5.4 which is acidic.

A cleanser is usually soap-based and hence alkaline. Though alkaline soaps are the best cleansers, they deprive your skin of the natural oils and make it dry.  Toning counters this to make your skin even throughout your face and neck.  An even skin is smooth with no blotches and patches of oil or dryness scattered across the face.  However, if you have an oily skin, use an astringent instead of a toner to clean away the excess oils. Moisturizing is followed by toning and restores the skin moisture.

Pick Up Your Brush!

With the basic skin groundwork done, you are ready to highlight your gifted facial features.  You don’t just talk with your lips, but eyes too. Beautiful eyes make a deep impact on the spectators and are the most memorable facial features. Giving a dark contour to your eyes makes them even more impactful. Coloring your eyelids and choosing the right hue for them is a complex art.

If you are fair toned, you can experiment with bright colors. However, if you are dark-complexioned, restrict your eye make-up to a few shades, as you are already heavily colored and adding more to it will look gross. You want to look elegant with minimal make-up and not look like a random mishmash of rainbow colors. Shimmers adorn your evening looks whereas a matt light finish is enough for daytime glamour. If you are not sure about the right brands, go for Bare Minerals, Rimmel or Maybelline. You won’t go wrong with either of them.  They are both fantastic-looking and skin-friendly. The Bare minerals starter kit is all you want to beautify your facial assets.

Look Divaesque…

With the Bare minerals Hello Gorgeous kit, you are just few steps away from being a stunner. This brand is actually wholesome and perfect for a make-up naïve person.

If you are a collegian, then the Bare Minerals Katie Buxom Lip Gloss is the right product for fuller light pinkish lips and an extra sheen. Don’t forget to add a bit of red tinge to your cheeks to make you look like you have just stepped out of a fresh apple orchard. Finally, if you want to show off your bold, sharp and sexy side, you can use the cat eyes mascara from Maybelline or the sensual self tanner from Bare Minerals.

You need not avail the help of a make-up expert for sporting a dazzling look on your face, typical of actresses. With few make-up tricks and the right brands, you can cheat everyone into thinking that you are a bombshell.

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