How to Get Longer Lashes

Longer lashes can make your eyes pop and they can make your eyes look bigger! While you might be used to putting on false lashes, those are not the only options. There are a lot of things you can do to get longer lashes that make you look flirty, fun and more alive than ever!

Listed below are effective options for lash lengthening that are worth trying out.

1. Use Glycerin and Castor Oil

Glycerin is found in a number of skin care products because it supports skin health. You can easily find it online or at drug/beauty stores near you. Combine 1 teaspoon of glycerin with 1 teaspoon of castor oil. After this, use a clean mascara brush to dip it into the mixture. Apply this to your lashes two times and you are done. This combination of oils will help strengthen your lashes and make them longer.

2. Skip the Mascara

Skipping wearing mascara a few times a week can easily help strengthen your lashes so that they look better than ever. This will give your lashes a chance to grow and get air without any mascara covering them up. If you must wear cosmetics, try to use a mascara that is all-natural or organic. The formulas these use will support the health of your lashes and coat them with vitamins instead of chemicals.

3. Use Petroleum Jelly

If you have a tub of Vaseline sitting around your house it can be a very effective eyelash growth tool! Start by cleaning your face so that your lashes have nothing on them. From here, use a clean mascara brush to dip into the petroleum jelly. Put this on your lashes and leave it there while you go to sleep. You can then wash this off in the morning with a gentle cleanser. Repeat this on a nightly basis to see the best results.

4. Use Prescription Serums

There are prescription eyelash growth serums available to use, but these require a visit to the doctor. Make sure to do your research before you get started in order to make sure the product is truly going to be effective. Remember, these are powerful, so they can be painful or difficult to apply. By taking the time to find a great product you will be able to benefit from it and what it can do for your lashes.


– Do not get any of these in your eyes or else you could damage your vision. Using a mascara brush is a lot easier than using your finger and can easily help you avoid unnecessary pain.


– You have to use these more than once in order to see the desired results. In fact, it may take months before you really notice a change.

– Take before and after pictures so that you can track your progress. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not your lashes are growing when you see them on a daily basis.

– Use natural skin care products to remove mascara. These will support healthy lashes and and healthy skin.

Author Bio : Popea Ionut is a freelance writer and a regular contributor @ Makeup.Me.Uk. For more skin care info be sure to visit us.

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