Ways to Reduce Tire Sticker Shock

Yesterday my bank account suffered a case of sticker shock.  And it was all my own fault.  You see, I had to go and put a complete set of tires on my car, because my original ones wore out after years of faithful service.  I took my car to the shop to get a new set of tires and I found myself spending nearly a week’s pay just for four tires – not including the costs for installation and labor.  And that was when I realized that my own personal stubbornness had cost me dearly. 

 You see, I realized that if I had taken advantage of one of Tire Buyer’s latest Groupon deals I could have saved nearly enough to take my wife out to dinner or for tickets to a box seat at a baseball game.   That is how much 4 tires and installation costs somebody these days.  A Groupon from Tire Buyer can save someone up to $80 off a purchase of 4 tires.  They are offering a special promo code that can save you $50 off a set of 4 truck tires – a deal I could have made great use of to economize on my business operating expenses.  To give you an idea of how much a customer can save, you can get $50 rebates on Goodrich, $70 back on Michelin or $100 off on Cooper tires when you order them using a Tire Buyer Groupon

 Now, how did I become aware of all this?  Because I did the research after I’d spent the cash to have 4 new tires installed at the shop where I usually have my car maintenance done.  When I got my bank statement showing what they’d charged for those new tires I went through shock at the impact upon my account balance.  That was when I checked the latest list of Groupons and saw the ones I am telling you about.  I am sincerely hoping others will take advantage of the chance to save some money and avoid the strain upon their checkbook that I endured.  If I can help one person avoid the sense of shock that I felt after getting his or her car new tires, then I’ll have contributed to their well-being!

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